The Return of the Bad Penny

Argo always hid under his hats and hoodies in plain sight and he invented pseudonyms for his creative projects, he confided, because he couldn’t handle the anxiety that fame always brought him. Then he’d pass out (distribute) all of his published literary magazine poems and self-promoted band cd’s for free and say it was never about the money. And when he invited people to his shows, he’d keep them waiting, while he got too drunk to perform at all well, but drunk enough to think he had.

Sunk by DNA, he blamed, he believed himself to be a ghost that was cursed to watch his widow mourn,

witch (which)

often triggered his wife into a fit of cuss words that intimately described his failure to take out the trash,

so that eventually Argo only begged that she’d keep his cremated remains clean, if not his actual memory.

He wanted to bend the metal of a long saw to make it sing and found himself listening to men who could draw on such serrated blades to weep, with envy.

He could neither quite howl or croon like the dogs he emulated;

but he felt time was still worth (being wasted)

even as it was running out on him,

if he looked back at all the near misses and close calls as divine luck,

equivocating it with dumb luck, like that made him smarter than everyone else.

When Argo learned he could make his rhythm sticks sound like oinking pigs it felt like the impossible day where pigs could actually fly, and even though he was busting to let others know of his ability to bring home the bacon, he refused to point out how Pink Floyd had already been there done that, and waited to hear from anyone who had truly listened…

He didn’t expect feedback. He waited to be discovered.

Although he bragged that there were a few backstage whores who asked for his John Hancock, they ultimately made him feel sorry for them, so he refused to give them the time of day.

“Knit Dicks” LipWear (lipstick/chapstick holder) by Heather Forte and (Fuck You) Pom Knit Hat by Sourpuss Clothing from the Angry Young and Poor Collection featured by Bitter Sweet Place (a Fleeting) He(art) Gallery (February 2020)
The Coco Rosie “Restless” (Music Video) is being posted by Bitter Sweet Place, a Fleeting He (art) Gallery for No Commercial Purpose.
‘Restless’ – the new track from CocoRosie – taken from the upcoming album ‘Put The Shine On’, out March 13th 2020 on Marathon Artists. Pre-order the album ‘Put The Shine On’: Listen to ‘Restless’: Follow CocoRosie:

Lyrics: Her heart is restless and ready to fight On a white horse all blue in the moonlight She rides with grace in the wrong place at the right time That’s how she found you But that’s how she lost you too She’s got her shoes fixed with glue, sole like brand new A stranger’s place, that’s where she takes her heartless rest Her restless soul fell asleep at the wheel counting sheep And dreaming of days out West With her rodeo clown, her man, her best She walks the streets with bloody feet preaching to birds She lost head, voices of angels calling her name Her loveless grace, the trial of her life, ready to burst her destiny ripe It took this long for him to be gone for her to say goodbye Dirty tricks, crucifix, had enough of this, life of cuts and nicks, ticks and fits Alchemist of light and dark, tried to keep that little spark Her love with blind, it shattered her mind And now she’s gone wild in the moonshine with no mother and no child She had to leave her old man behind A deadbeat dad, another clown sad Traded their love for cheap wine And now she hit the road without a Jack or a John And the story goes on, one day she’ll find her Don The trial of her life, ready to burst her destiny ripe Her love was blind, it shattered her mind It took this long to leave him behind She lost her way She lost her way She lost her way She lost her way And with no trace to find her way home The trial of her life, ready to burst her destiny ripe It took this long for him to be gone, for her to say goodbye She lost her way She lost her way She lost her way She lost her way She lost her way She lost her way She lost her way She lost her way And with no trace to find her way home

“Hot Wheels” (The Classic Story of How You Put Your Foot in Your Mouth…)

He is so enamored with a woman who can turn his faults into origami,

lend him a folding chair when at times the morale picnic has agreed to badminton birdies and all

he longs

to do is sit with his face in his hands, peaking through his shakes;

makes a church steeple with two index fingers

so she might


with cold water for his frogs.

Everything is croaking,

she says

and he nods,

troubled over 

which bridges have been washed out by rising water,

which words to use,

urgently. . . 

listens for mating songs; 

tuning out

the way 

she describes where the cremated remains will be scattered.

He insists there is a Hallmark Movie about Cleopatra,

the Roller Derby Queen,

and when she loses her glass slippers, she can’t help


head over heels

for all that glitters is gold.

The Chet Faker “Gold” (Music Video) is being posted featured by Bitter Sweet Place, a Fleeting He(art) Gallery for No Commercial Purpose. You can support The Artist (official music video for Gold, taken from Chet Faker‘s debut album ‘Built On Glass’) by Getting it now on iTunes: Director: Hiro Murai, Producer: Kimberly Stuckwisch, Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde, DP: Larkin Seiple, Production Designer: Maxwell Orgell, Stylist: Elise and Chris Velasco, Choreographer: Ryan Heffington, Skaters: Appleusa McGlynn, April Corley, Candice Heiden
“Hot Wheels (The classic story of how you put your foot in your mouth)” mixed media collage by Katie-Rae Jean featured by Bitter Sweet Place, a fleeting He(art) Gallery, January 2020.